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ADL Releases Antisemitism Audit. What Is It and Why Does it Matter … – Jewish Exponent

The Anti-Defamation League revealed on March 22 that there were 3,697 reported incidents of antisemitism in the United States last year, according to its Audit of Antisemitic Incidents 2022.That is a 36% increase from 2021’s 2,717 reported incidents, and the “highest number on record since the organization began tracking antisemitic incidents in 1979,” an ADL […]

It's Palindrome Week — 8 Craziest Palindromes to Celebrate the … – Mic

A Santa dog lived as a devil God at NASA.That nonsensical expression is a palindrome, and anyone tickled by it might also be excited to learn we’re in the midst of a real-life "palindrome week."Beginning on Monday, May 10, and running through Tuesday, May 19, every single day as written in the uniquely American month/day/year […]

New Camp Ramah Director Miryam Seid is Right Where She Wants … – Jewish Exponent

Before the pandemic, Miryam Seid traveled across the country with her husband, Adam, to visit her childhood camp, Ramah in California. The camp was hosting a family experience during Passover. But for Miryam Seid, it was a chance to see the place where she became herself.Seid, now 43, spent eight summers there, back when it […]

America Loves Jews. Now Stop Reading – Jewish Exponent

David SuissaGood news is boring. If you want excitement, it’s best to focus on things like danger. Media mavens and fundraisers know this: Danger rivets the mind, pumps up the heart and opens pockets.We see this in the drama surrounding antisemitism. News of a swastika sprayed on a synagogue wall will get breathless coverage and […]

With 1.6M Followers, TikTok Influencer Miriam Ezagui Teaches the … – Jewish Exponent

Elizabeth Karpen“Hi my name is Miriam,” the video begins. “I’m an Orthodox Jew, and I share what my life is like.”So opens a typical TikTok post from Miriam Ezagui, a 37-year-old Brooklyn-based labor and delivery nurse who has amassed 1.6 million followers on the social media platform. Users who make their way to “JewTok,” as […]

Opinion | Should You Put Your Life at Risk to Help Others? – Jewish Exponent

By Ira BedzowFor a short period of time, New York state officials enacted controversial guidelines that again tested the inherent tension that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing between our country’s most deeply cherished values: respect for multiculturalism and religious freedom on the one side and the state’s responsibility to promote the common good on the […]

Why Israel’s New Right-wing Leaders Immediately Made Plastic … – Jewish Exponent

By Deborah DananTEL AVIV — Devora Zien’s tiny apartment in Bnei Brak runs like a factory, but, she admits, not a very smooth one. With 12 mouths to feed three times a day, single-use plasticware is a basic necessity, she says. So when Israel’s then-Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman increased taxes on disposables in 2021, Zien […]

Israelis Flock to This Tiny Town in Peru – Jewish Exponent

Jacob KesslerPISAC, Peru — About 20 miles northeast of the tourist capital of Cusco, the small Peruvian town of Pisac sits nestled among the verdant Andes Mountains. Lined with cobblestone streets and two-story adobe houses, the town offers a distinct blend of ancient Incan culture and breathtaking landscapes.Pisac’s main square, Plaza de Armas, is often […]