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Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Smash World Tour continues this week with its second installment, this time taking place in Oceania.
Notable players set to compete include Kanga|Ben Gold, Kanga|Jdizzle, GZ|DD, Kanga|Ghost, Kanga|Shadrew, GZ|SebPro101, Extra, FURY|RaZe, GG|Sriks and more.
The Smash World Tour, which was originally planned for last year, had to be cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, the organizers were able to restructure for this year with qualifiers that will mainly be focused on online.
While Super Smash Bros. Melee is also a part of the tour, this qualifier is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate only from which the top 8 will to a offline regional final to take place later in the year.
The eligible areas for this Oceania portion of the World Tour are Australia and New Zealand, from which over 150 players signed up to compete.
Streaming is being done at VG Boot Camp.
1. GG|Kinaji (Snake, Pyra/Mythra, Shulk)
2. FURY|RaZe (Dark Pit, Link)
3. Ichigo (Dark Pit)
4. Fryd Ryce (Pikachu)
5. GZ|SebPro101 (R.O.B.)
5. DT|Luma (Palutena, Mii Brawler, Luigi, Donkey Kong)
7. BS|Extra (Mr. Game & Watch, Wolf)
7. M|Aluf (Mario)
9. Kanga|Jdizzle (Young Link)
9. Poppt1 (Lucina, Ness)
9. TB|Danklin (Mii Swordfighter)
9. FG|Khami (Ness)
13. Xav (Min Min, Peach)
13. Radio (R.O.B.)
13. Dura (Joker, Roy)
13. Kanga|Ghost (Min Miin, Mii Brawler)
17. SA|Q (Samus, Kirby, Mr. Game & Watch, Zelda)
17. JuiceGoose (Luigi)
17. Dags (Wii Fit Trainer)
17. P9 (Villager)
17. Shaoweater (Wolf, Cloud)
17. Maplemage (Zero Suit Samus, Byleth)
17. Kanga|Ben Gold (Wolf)
17. Coleman (Wario, Mii Swordfighter)
25. Kanga (Snake)
25. SDN|Saikou (Mega Man)
25. chizzL (Dark Samus, Lucario)
25. N|IcyK (Bowser)
25. Googlemaps (Toon Link)
25. Mast! (Roy)
25. Digby Main (Isabelle, Toon Link)
25. Andrew Lin (Inkling, Cloud)
• Grand finals, second set: Due to internet issues, FURY|RaZe was forced to forfeit, thereby leading to GG|Kinaji being crowned the winner.
• Grand finals, first set: GG|Kinaji (Snake) beat FURY|RaZe (Dark Pit) 3-2.

• Losers finals: GG|Kinaji (Pyra/Mythra, Snake) eliminated Ichigo (Dark Pit) 3-2.
• Losers semi-finals: GG|Kinaji (Pyra/Mythra, Snake) beat Fryd Ryce (Pikachu) 3-2.
• Winners finals: FURY|RaZe (Dark Pit) beat Ichigo (Dark Pit) 3-1.

• GG|Kinaji (Snake, Pyra/Mythra) eliminated DT|Luma (Mii Brawler, Donkey Kong) 3-0.
• Fryd Ryce (Pikachu) eliminated GZ|SebPro101 (R.O.B.) 3-2.
• DT|Luma (Luigi) eliminated M|Aluf (Mario) 3-1.
• GZ|SebPro101 (R.O.B.) eliminated BS|Extra (Wolf) 3-2.
• Winners semi-finals: FURY|RaZe (Dark Pit) beat GG|Kinaji (Snake) 3-1.

• Winners semi-finals: Ichigo (Dark Pit) beat Fryd Ryce (Pikachu) 3-0.

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