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The exterior of Fry’d, located at 442 High Street. 
The interior of Fry’d. 

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The exterior of Fry’d, located at 442 High Street. 
The interior of Fry’d. 
One of the most popular sides to order out at an American-style restaurant is none other than french fries. Whether curly, straight, waffle or crinkle, students all over campus enjoy the savory side with their meals.  
What if I told you Morgantown contains its very own french fry-themed restaurant. Would you believe me? 
Welcome to Fry’d, Morgantown’s first french fry-themed restaurant, located at 422 High Street. 
One misconception about this restaurant is what exactly they specialize in. Fry’d shares its restaurant location with Dank Dough, a separate brand that specializes in sweet treats such as cookies and milkshakes.
However, Fry’d was created out of the owner’s belief that every college campus should have a french fry specialty restaurant, according to their website.
In order to appeal to the nightlife of a college student, Fry’d is open Monday-Wednesday from 5 p.m. to midnight and Thursday-Saturday 5 p.m. to 3 a.m.
Walking into Fry’d is as if one is walking into the past. The interior is decorated with disco balls spinning on the ceiling and brightly colored art covering the walls — to mention the 70s-like music to put their customers in the spirit of the restaurant.
The menu at Fry’d is located on vertical television screens to the left of the entrance, which is also decorated with bright colors and lots of designs. One may at first be overwhelmed with the menu, as I was when I first entered. 
Ordering at Fry’d has three steps: pick your fries, pick your size and pick your sauce. 
Customers can pick from hand-cut fries, sweet potato fries, tater tots, chicken fries or the establishment’s new deep-fried Oreos. From there, you pick your size: buzzed if you just want the fries themselves, baked if you want the fries with one sauce or seasoning and blazed if you want two sauces or seasonings.
Fry’d also serves ”Prepacked Bowls,” which are some of its specialty bowls of fries. All of these options have fun names attached to them, such as Legalize Mozzarella and Cluck Cluck pass.
I decided to go with the Chili Out Cheese Fries from the menu, which comes with hand-cut fries tossed in Chili seasoning, topped with beefy chili, melted “Not Chyo” cheese and bacon bits. 
Most of the time, especially later in the evenings, Fry’d tends to fill up quickly due to its popularity on campus. I would suggest arriving earlier in the evening to get your fries without having to wait. 
However, the environment of the restaurant is very entertaining and certainly helps the wait. 
The Prepacked Bowls come in large portions and are loaded heavily, so I would suggest ordering them on an empty stomach. For less than $8, they are a very filling meal which I usually end up saving for later or sharing with friends.
The Chili Out Cheese Fries are one of my absolute favorites, the cheese and the chili go perfectly together with the seasoned fries. The cheese was warm and melted, while the chili was savory and a tad spicy. I would suggest eating this mountain of fries with a fork and, most likely, a couple of napkins.
My friends and I have all taken a great liking to Fry’d and try to stop by whenever we are nearby for a good time. No matter what you are craving, Fry’d has the fries combination for you and the environment to make the trip worth your while.
Monday-Wednesday, 5 p.m. to midnight
Thursday-Saturday 5 p.m. to 3 a.m.
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