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Beautiful tables and the Park Avenue dwellers who set them: Once a year Scully & Scully invites upscale style makers to browse around the store and create tables from the world’s finest crystal and china found on their shelves. A percentage of all sales for the day of their reception, and the next, benefit The Fund for Park Avenue and the 2013 Park Avenue Tulips.

The Scully & Scully reception to benefit The Fund for Park Avenue is possibly the most elegant “block party” in the world, a gathering of long time residents of Park Avenue and its surroundings who enjoy (and support) the tulips, this year a vivid scarlet hue. At one point, Sharon Bush, Barbara McLaughlin, and Dr. Vivien Shiah discovered they lived on the same street. Geoffrey Bradfield, Michele Gerber Klein, and Michel Witmer each had winter travel stories to share. Sighting both Swifty’s owners and their wives — Pat Attoe and Steven Attoe, Blaine Caravaggi and Robert Caravaggi — out at the same time, we were laughingly assured, “Don’t worry, we found someone to mind the shop.”

Park Avenue neighbors Sharon Bush and Geoffrey Bradfield supported the cause. (Photo: Lee Fryd)
Star Corcoran broker, Wendy Sarasohn, often featured on “Open House NY,” “Extra,” and “Living Large,” who negotiates the neighborhood’s multimillion dollar Park and Fifth Avenue deals, came through the party with appropriate style and grace then beamed as she listened to the star turn from “Annie” that was an evening highlight. Wendy’s in love, we learned.

Michael E. Scully hosted with Directors for The Fund for Park Avenue including Ronald D. Spencer, Esq. (Chairman), Mary Davidson, Eugenie Niven Goodman, Derek L. Limbocker, Helena Martinez, George B. Moore, Judith T. Steckler, Margaret M. Ternes, Ron Wendt, and Ex Officio Veronica M. White (Commissioner, NYC Department of Parks & Recreation). Barbara McLaughlin is President with Jo-Ann M. Polise, Executive Director.

“I came in and it was kind of like a kid in a candy shop,” said Karen Klopp, one of the five invited to browse Scully and literally bring their artistry to the table. Klopp’s fashion and shopping website,, gives fashion advice on everything from the Hampton Classic and ArtHamptons to an African safari. A former wildlife and conservation documentary film maker, Klopp, who has been on African safari several times, used it as her table theme. Rhinos and elephants adorned her table and safari animals were the motif etched into the crystal. What to wear if you’re a featured style setter in the Scully & Scully reception for The Fund for Park Avenue? “I’m in Leila Rose,” Klopp told us. “I love her fit.”

What you wear on your feet is an indicator of where you are in your life for Tina Sloan. Shoes, not animals, rung her table, keyed to the book she wrote and turned into a one-woman play, “Changing Shoes.” “Barbara Bush saw the play in Houston and said, ‘It’s the best play I’ve ever seen,’” Sloan said. A star of “Guiding Light” for 26 years, who delivered the last line of the last show, Sloan’s book is subtitled, “Getting Older — NOT OLD — with Style, Humor and Grace.” “It’s about getting diminished: going from the sexy high heels to the black flats,” she told us. On the soap, Sloan said, “You’re a grandmother at the age of 40.” No worries, Sloan figured out how to keep working: “Write your own one-woman play and star in it.”

Tina Sloan and her “Changing Shoes” display. (Photo: Lee Fryd)
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