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In the heart of Sierra Leone’s Six-mile community, a remarkable woman named Rugiatu Favour Kanu is contributing to the transformation of the agricultural landscape and empowering women farmers through her visionary initiative, Slay Farms Sierra Leone Limited. Rugiatu, affectionately known as “The Slay Farmer,” is a dedicated advocate for sustainable farming practices and a driving force behind the empowerment of women in the agricultural sector. 
Slay Farms, spanning across ten-acre farmland, serves as a dynamic demonstration farm for women farmers in the region. Rugiatu, through Slay Farms, not only works alongside female farmers but also provides them with valuable training, support, and encouragement to adopt new and improved farming methods. Central to her approach is the farmer field school system, where she fosters knowledge exchange, and conducts farmer days, events, and training sessions. By sharing information about available markets, Rugiatu actively creates opportunities for female farmers to access broader markets, enhancing their economic prospects.
Rugiatu’s vision extends beyond the present; she aspires to lead the next generation of women into farming. To achieve this, she focuses on training and supporting young girls in agricultural practices, encouraging them to embrace farming as a viable career path. Her commitment to inspiring young minds has led her to earn the moniker “The Slay Farmer,” a name that symbolizes the transformational impact she has on individuals and communities alike.
In addition to her work with Slay Farms, Rugiatu is the Quality Control Coordinator at the Sierra Leone Produce Monitoring Board’s head office in Freetown. The Produce Monitoring Board plays a vital role in promoting, regulating, monitoring, and evaluating the production, processing, and marketing/exportation of agricultural produce. Rugiatu’s involvement underscores her dedication to ensuring the production of quality crops that meet international standards. Moreover, she actively encourages the processing of produce to enhance its value for export and local consumption.
Rugiatu Favour Kanu’s transformation into “The Slay Farmer” reflects the profound impact she has made on the agricultural landscape in Sierra Leone. Through her unwavering commitment to empowering women farmers, fostering knowledge exchange, and promoting sustainable practices, Rugiatu has become a symbol of inspiration and hope for countless individuals. Her story serves as a powerful reminder that anyone, regardless of their background or societal roles, can embrace farming and make a significant difference.
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