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It was Willie Nelson who first said “My heroes have always been cowboys.” If your heroes have always been television cowboys then TV WESTFEST held from Thursday, March 16th, thru Sunday March 19th, in Tucson, AZ was all that you would want. If your heroes have always been television cowboys mark Thursday, March 16th, thru Sunday March 19th, on your calendar to attend TV WESTFEST in Tucson, AZ.
Mescal Movie Set
Mitch Vogel
Mitch Vogel
Tom Swann, Louise Swann, Keenan Strand, Andy Klyde, Ginger Cook and Bob Cook
Tom Swann, Keenan Strand, Cindy Strand, Dusty, Gary Sprague and Louise Swann
The four day event included appearances by some of your favorite t.v. western stars, including
Darby Hinton
Darby Hinton (Daniel Boone),
Robert Carradine
Robert Carradine
Robert Carradine (The Cowboys),
Bo Svenson
Bo Svenson (Walking Tall),
Roberta Shore
Roberta Shore (The Virginian),
Michael McGreevey
Michael McGreevey (Riverboat),
Charlotte Stewart
Charlotte Stewart (Little House on the Prairie),
Rudy Ramos
Rudy Ramos (Yellowstone),
Mitch Vogel
Mitch Vogel
Ponderosa 11
Mitch Vogel (Bonanza),
Michael Dante
Michael Dante
Michael Dante (Custer),
Wyatt McCrea
Wyatt McCrea,
Andy Klyde
Andy Klyde, Dr. Buck Montgomery,
Mary Deese Hampton
Mary Deese Hampton,
Steve LaFrance
Steve DeFrance, Jeff McCarroll and many others.
Bob Cook
Billy Gray
Frank Noel
Billy Gray and Michael Dante
Attendees were able to meet the stars in person with activities like dinner and lunch with a star, photo and autograph sessions, panel discussions, food, silent auction, excursions to The Merscal Movie Studio and a tour of the Ponderosa II House, a National Landmark.
Cowboy Jargon Panelists- Steve DeFrance, Darby Hinton, Andy Klyde and Robert Carradine
The event panels included: “Young Actor to Adult Actor” with Darby Hinton, Rudy Ramos and Mitch Vogel. Moderated by Buck Montgomery.
Girl Power Panelists- Roberta Shore, Charlotte Stewart and Mary Deese Hampton
“Girl Power” with Mary Deese Hampton, Roberta Shore and Charlotte Stewart. Moderated by Buck Montgomery.
From Actor to Writer to Director to Producer Panelists- Michael McGreevey, Michael Dante and Bo Svenson
“From Actor to Writer to Director to Producer with Michael Dante, Michael McGreevey and Bo Svenson. Moderated by Buck Montgomery.
The Legacy of My Hollywood Family Panelists- Wyatt McCrea and Robert Carradine
“The Legacy of my Hollywood Family” with Robert Carradine and Wyatt McCrea. Moderated by Buck Montgomery.
Arizona Raiders Panelists- Billy Gary, Michael Dante and Frank Noel
“Arizona Raiders” with Michael Dante, Frank Noel and Billy Gray from the Audie Murphy Museum. Moderated by Mary Jane Dante.
Darby Hinton and Mitch Vogel
Bo Svenson, Michael Dante and Darby Hinton
Darby Hinton
Darby Hinton and Robert Carradine
Steve DeFrance, Andy Klyde, Rudy Ramos, Kathy Ramos and Michael McGreevey
Roberta Shore
“Goosie” Ngetha, Andy Klyde and Rachel Davis
Darby Hinton and Rudy Ramos
Penny McQueen, Ginger Cook, Lisa McCrea, Kathy Ramos, Christine Gilles Vogel and Debra McGreevey join with Jeff McCarroll Buck Montgomery, Darby Hinton, Mitch Vogel, Robert Carradine, Wyatt McCrea, Michael McGreevey, Mary Deese Hampton, Charlotte Stewart, Andy Klyde, Bo Svenson and Michael Dante
Charlotte Stewart
Jeff McCarroll Buck Montgomery, Darby Hinton, Mitch Vogel, Robert Carradine, Wyatt McCrea, Michael McGreevey, Mary Deese Hampton, Charlotte Stewart, Andy Klyde, Bo Svenson and Michael Dante
Andy Klyde
Charlotte Stewart
Mary Deese Hampton
Penny McQueen and Jeff McCarroll
Buck Montgomery, Robert Carradine, Darby Hinton and Jeff McCarroll
Jeff McCarroll, Penny McQueen, Ken Syrek, Lisa McCrea, Wyatt McCrea, Kathy Ramos and Rudy Ramos
Did You Know There Is A Kander & Ebb Way?
The Marvelous Marilyn Maye Received Twelve Standing Ovations At The New York Pops

The Argyle Theatre Encore! Gala and You Are There
Arms and the Man Meet The Press
The fourth and last supermoon, is also called the Harvest Moon, and will bless our skies September 28 and September 29. This moon will reach its full splendor at 5:57 am EST on September 29. This is the last supermoon until September 18, 2024.
This full moon happens in the first house, which means you might feel like an emotional roller coaster. Things that have been hidden come to light, reminding you that you must put yourself first.
Aires: The full moon is in your sign, so you will reap the rewards. Expect a renewed passion for goals, projects or dreams that you have set aside. It is time for them to shine.
Taurus: You need to rest and recharge, as you may feel burnt out. This time will give you the strength to heal your past, let go.
Gemini: Time to shine your light…party and be seen. Want to manifest? Now is the time. Want love? You might just find the person of your dreams.
Cancer: The timing is here for you to gain victory and turn that corner. Focus on what you want career wise and you might just get it.
Leo: Oh kitties, your advice is to be brave and step outside of your comfort zone. Travel media, legal issues can move forward if you tap into your spirituality. That is where the keys lie.
Virgo: Relationships, intimacy and finance are where your troubles and strengths lie. It is possible you might not see eye to eye or move on or you have to keep your eyes ion your bank accounts. If you break-up remember something better will be coming your way and we should always be diligent with or cash flow.
Libra: Change is coming to partnership both in business or love. If you allow it this could bring you closer or it will tear you apart. Trust your heart, open up to the possibilities in front of you. Feeling the urge to make something long-term? The potential is here for you.
Scorpio: Expect to be super busy. You will feel as if you are juggling everything, but breathe as new things are on the horizon. Make sure you take care of your health, add in some time for fitness and diet.
Sagittarius: Your heart is calling you to passion, romance and love with maybe a soulmate. If you are attached then expect a renewal of that original spark. You have a thrilling aspect especially if involved in the arts or sports.
Capricorn: Family, home or real estate, is in play. You could move, get a new roommate or make your home more your own. Parents also come into play so if you haven’t seen them in awhile, plan a visit.
Aquarius: Writing, speaking, advertising, communications, contracts all have a play in this energy. Make sure you renew your mind with quick trips as you will need them.
Pisces: Money, income and expenses. You need to focus on spending and saving. This could be a double edge sword with money coming in and unexpected money going out.
The biggest day for Broadway fans returns to New York City’s Theater District on Sunday, October 1. The Broadway Flea Market & Grand Auction unites all theater fans – whether they’re onstage, behind the scenes or in the audience – in their hunt for Broadway-themed treasures, unique experiences and theater magic.
Theater lovers of every kind will have the opportunity to take home one-of-a-kind mementos and autographed collectibles and bid on exclusive Broadway experiences and items including props, costume pieces, opening night theater packages and more.
The Broadway Flea Market & Grand Auction will run from 10 am – 7 pm with tables on West 44th and West 45th Streets, the silent auction in Shubert Alley and the live grand auction wrapping up the day in the Times Square pedestrian plaza between 45th and 46th Streets.
Treasure-filled tables from Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, theater owners and producing organizations, unions, guilds, marketing groups, ticket agencies, concessionaires and fan clubs will line West 44th and West 45th Streets. The shows set to have tables the Broadway Flea Market & Grand Auction are & Juliet; Aladdin; Back to the Future: The Musical; A Beautiful Noise, The Neil Diamond Musical; Hadestown; Hamilton; Here Lies Love; The Lion King; Kimberly Akimbo; Moulin Rouge! The Musical; Six; Some Like It Hot; Sweeney Todd and Wicked, plus special tables honoring The Phantom of the Opera and the 40th anniversary of the original cast of La Cage aux Folles.
Artist Don Hershman turned his passion once again into purpose with his newest exhibition of 20 paintings entitled “The Art of Code Switching,” which debuted at the Salomon Arts Gallery in Manhattan’s Tribeca district.

Notable Attendees included: Don Hershman, Jorge Alzate, Rodrigo Salomon, Gigi Salomon, Ford Crull, Elton Ilirjani, Julia Ilirjani, Carmen D’Alessio, Tina Radziwill, Ava Breeze, Leesa Rowland, Pedro Oberto, Nabys Vielman, Marc Bouwer, Heidi Schaeffer, Neil Koenigsberg.
Originally trained as a board-certified podiatric surgeon in the early 80’s, Hershman reflects on his own life as a gay man of an earlier generation where code switching was clearly linked to his survival.  “When I began my formal residency training in the early 80’s I had to relocate to the south, forcing me back into the closet.  Creating these new paintings took me on a journey back to a time where there was no political correctness or recourse, easily fired or shunned if it were revealed that I was gay.  After residency, I relocated to San Francisco and worked as a podiatric surgeon in an atmosphere engulfed by the AIDS epidemic, where young men often were not only hiding their sexual orientation, but their HIV status as well.  They were constantly code-switching without even knowing it.”
Now with The Art of Code Switching his passion to speak on the subject matter is beautifully projected in this new collection.  With bravado he takes the viewer on a journey to open their minds to comprehend patience and understanding amongst all mankind.
The show will run until Sunday, October 15 and will proudly donate 10% from the proceeds of art sales to The Trevor Project to support the nonprofits suicide prevention efforts among the LGBTQ+ community.
Photo credits: BFA / Hannah Turner Harts / Nick Guttierez
Dip this foodie lovers!
On September 30, Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn will host the American Express Gold Card and Resy ‘Dip into Gold.’
The exciting culinary event  will bring together beloved NYC Resy restaurants such as Laser Wolf, Foul Witch, Sylvia’s, Seoul Salon, Jacob’s Pickles, and Potluck Club to reimagine signature dishes, featuring inventive sauces for guests to drench, drizzle, slather and dunk. The event will also feature special pop-up experiences from Amex Gold Card Dining Credit partners:
Shake Shack’s Event-Exclusive Gold Sundae: A new sundae featuring vanilla cake, frozen vanilla custard and made with White Truffle Butterscotch Caramel and garnished with roasted hazelnuts and gold flakes
The Basket by Grubhub: Wing tasting with four popular sauces from: Mudville 9, Mable’s Smokehouse, Tacombi, and Insa.
Goldbelly Special Delivery: A wall of special Goldbelly boxes are available to choose from, each containing an exclusive Goldbelly takeaway.
Wine.com Carts: Exclusive wine sips with Wine.com at various tasting carts throughout Dip Into Gold. The complimentary pours will enhance the bites featured in each unique section.
The Cheesecake Factory® Photo Booth: Capture your saucy smiles at The Cheesecake Factory photobooth.
Milk Bar Milk Truck: a custom-designed milk truck will provide complimentary desserts.
Tickets: American Express Gold Card Members with an eligible card linked to their Resy account may purchase the Gold Card Member ticket for $50 (ticket price includes all food items, three optional alcoholic beverages, unlimited non-alcoholic beverages). The General Admission ticket can be purchased by any Resy user for $75 (ticket price includes all food items, one optional alcoholic beverages and unlimited non-alcoholic beverages).
All tickets available HERE on a first come, first served basis, and tickets are delivered electronically.
On Saturday, September 30, from 11:30pm–12am on Broadway between 45th and 46th Street a free, open-air musical performance will take place to accompany Shahzia Sikander’s Midnight Moment. The show will featuring Pulitzer Prize winning composer Du Yun, vocalist Zeb Bangash, and interdisciplinary artist eddy kwon.
Every midnight in September, a cyclical struggle unfolds across the screens of Times Square. Imagined as a restaging of a fictional Indo-Persian-Turkish miniature painting, Shahzia Sikander’s Reckoning depicts a dramatic choreography of floating warrior-like figures entangled in joust amidst an abstract, unraveling landscape. Reckoning draws upon themes of creation, conflict, and connection, mirroring the universal tensions that exist within broader global relationships, such as between migrant and citizen, woman and power, human and nature.
An intricate animation made from multiple layered drawings, Reckoning was created in 2020 and featured as a digital component of Sikander’s recent public art project Havah … to breathe, air, life commissioned by Madison Square Park Conservancy and on view in Madison Square Park and the nearby Courthouse of the Appellate Division, First Department of the Supreme Court of the State of New York. The multi-site project was commissioned by Madison Square Park Conservancy and Public Art of the University of Houston System, where it will be restaged in the fall of 2023.
September’s Midnight Moment is presented in partnership with Sean Kelly and The Armory Show as a part of Armory Off-Site, the fair’s outdoor art program featuring large-scale artworks across New York City’s parks and public spaces. Sikander’s work will also be on view in the Platform section of The Armory Show, curated by Eva Respini, which will feature large-scale installations and site-specific works that reexamine historical narratives.
The animation for Reckoning is by Patrick O’Rourke and an original score was created by Du Yun, both long-time collaborators of Sikander. The work marks Sikander’s second Midnight Moment, the first being Gopi-Contagion presented in October of 2015.
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