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Vape pens have become popular since people realized they offer soothing relaxation without side effects. Moreover, you can use a vape pen since its e-liquid is legal in the USA. 
You can purchase vape cartridges filled with flavors, and a vape pen coil is used for producing vapor by burning the liquid flavor inside the carts. A vape cart has an opening mouth to inhale the smoke. 
While vape pens work fine for a long time, vape carts can cause some issues. The biggest problem is when you inhale, but the smoke won’t come out of the cart. At such times, you must think, why isn’t my cart blowing smoke? This article will cover all the possible reasons for your cart not blowing smoke and their solutions.
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There are two problems you have to take note of when using a THC vape pen cartridge. One is the low or no airflow, and the second is the leakage. 
While leakage is easy to identify, the blocked airflow is challenging. There could be multiple reasons behind this problem, and we’ll discuss them.
This is an issue that most people don’t pay attention to, which ends up running their vaping experience. In simple words, the airflow holes should be closed when you refill and open wide when you are inhaling. 
This does not happen on its own; while changing or installing the cart, you must ensure that the airflow holes are in the right spot and working fine.
Another reason for bad airflow settings is the excessive use of vape pens. Moreover, inhale gently so it won’t cause leakage and flooding. Air bubbles are created when you heat the vape juice. The longer you inhale, the higher the chances of blocking the airflow holes.
The biggest problem is that you cannot solve this issue with disposable pens. If the airflow settings of a disposable vape are wrong, you should buy a new vape pen or get the old one replaced.
Exahle's Delta 8 Carts
This might not be a problem if you use disposable vape carts, as you’ll change the cart after each use. However, using a refillable cart has such issues, and it becomes a nuisance after a while. 
At first, less smoke starts coming out, leading to zero smoke despite inhaling with a lot of force. This happens because vape juice gets clogged at the airflow holes.Apart from airflow holes, it could be a problem with the mouthpiece. If you overfill the cart, the chances are that it will get clogged. 
The best way to avoid this is to clean the vape cart every time after you it is empty before refilling it. Moreover, you can also use a safety pin to remove whatever is stuck on the mouthpiece.
A simple way to fix this is to use a needle and gently poke the airflow holes. That’ll remove the oily residue, but you must be careful not to damage the airflow holes. 
This might look easy but using this technique on a live resin disposable vape is challenging. You must tinker with the vape pen to remove the vape cart from a disposable vape pen.
You’ll have to twist the vape cart to install it on your vape pen. If you don’t tighten it properly, the vape cart will fall. However, if you tighten it too much, you won’t get proper smoke from the vape. 
Airflow holes need some air to work properly; if you over-tighten the vape cart, the airflow holes won’t get proper air, and the smoke won’t come out. You cannot tighten the vape cart if the holes are located in the threaded area. Gently screw the vape cart to the pen and shake it a little to check if the cart is not loose.
Every e-cigarette or vape pen is built for different purposes. Some are for gentle smoking, while others are for aggressive smoking. The same goes for the cannabis oil used in these vapes. You must check which oil is suitable for the vape you own and only use that oil for smoking. 
If the oil is thick and your vape’s heating element can’t vaporize it, you won’t get any smoke. Plus, this damages the heating coil as you’ll keep the button pressed to heat the juice.
Typically, vape pens have an instruction sheet to share which THC oil you must use. However, if you can’t find such details as the representative available in the vape shop to guide you.
Another solution for this is to let the oil warm up properly before inhaling. Based on your vape pen, it might take up to three seconds for the oil to heat.
To keep your vape pen in good condition, you must use it once in a while. Moreover, always remember to empty the cart before putting it somewhere for a long time. 
For example, if you are going on a trip, make sure to empty the vape cart. Putting delta-8 distillate at room temperature will thicken it. In time, that thick juice will make its way to the bottom of the cart and damage the coil.
You cannot see the coil, so you won’t know until you try to heat the coil, and it takes a lot more time to vaporize the liquid. In most cases, it might even burn the coil and damage your vape pen.
Budpop's vape battery
The problem is not always in the vape cart; sometimes, the vape is not generating enough power. Vape pen batteries are not that strong, and they run out much more quickly. 
If the battery is low or damaged, it won’t heat the coil properly, and you’ll get less or no smoke. It is better to purchase vapes with replaceable batteries so you can get a new pair instead of changing the vape pen.
On the other hand, some vapes have a low battery indicator; ensure to charge the vape as soon as it tells you. If you have a vape pen with a digital battery indicator, charge it when it reaches 20% and disconnect when battery levels are at 80%. 
This is a common problem with  delta 8 disposable vape pens as you can’t recharge them, and they start producing less smoke as their battery levels go down.
If you have been using a vape pen for a long time, the chances are that its heating coil is not working properly. If the heating coil doesn’t provide enough heat, it won’t vaporize the liquid enough to produce lots of smoke. The good thing is that a heating coil is readily available, and you can get it replaced at a low price.
To check if the coil is damaged, remove the vape cart; beneath that, you’ll see the coil. In some vapes, the coil is right in the middle, so you might have to twist open the vape pen.
Some vapes have the option to change the temperature settings allowing them to create less or more smoke. Most people purchase such vapes but don’t know how to change the settings. 
In this case, if the temperature is low, the coil won’t vaporize the liquid properly, and you won’t get enough smoke. It is better to check if your vape pen has multiple temperature options and read the manual to change it.
You must remember that this problem mostly happens with refillable vape carts. You might face this experience with a replaceable or portable vape, but the chances are slim. 
Before unclogging the cart, it is better to check if the problem is with the battery or temperature settings. If you are sure the problem is with the airflow, here are the steps to remove this issue.
You can always take professional help to clean the vape cart for you. If you don’t have time or are unsure how to clean it properly, spare some money and let a professional handle it. It would be better to spend some money to get it cleaned than to spend lots of money to get a new one.
Another option is to pull hard to suck the liquid stuck in the air holes. While it works, this option is not recommended as you’ll suck in the THC liquid, leaving a bad taste in your mouth. 
On the other hand, the chances of this method working are slim, so keep it as your last resort before purchasing a new vape cart.
If you want to use a vape cart for a longer time, here are some steps you can follow to keep its airflow going smoothly.
If you ever purchase a vape cart or pen, the directions recommend taking smaller puffs for a maximum of three seconds. In some big and heavy-duty vapes, they might allow a five-second puff but not more than that. 
If you follow the directions and won’t inhale the smoke for 10-15 seconds, the airflow of the vape cart will remain smooth. Smaller hits reduce the chances of condensation buildup. Since the cooler mouthpiece is not exposed to warm moisture for long, it won’t have enough time to condensate.
This is another nifty solution that might work in most cases. The idea is not to vaporize the oil when the mouthpiece is wet. Clean the mouthpiece after every inhale and inhale without pressing the power button. That way, you’ll suck the excessive oil on the mouthpiece and press the power button after two seconds to start smoking.
If you want to use your vape daily, it is better to clean its mouthpiece thoroughly. Moreover, don’t fill the vape cart fully; instead, fill it enough that you can finish daily. 
That way, you won’t have to worry about vape oil while cleaning the mouthpiece or vape cart.
Vape juice leaking from the vape cart can also cover the air holes, thus, blocking the airflow. You’ll get an idea of a leaked vape cart when you lose the liquid at a faster rate. 
An even better option is to remove the vape cart if you don’t want to use it for hours and reattach it when you want to use it again. If the vape cart is leaking, you might need to replace it with a new one, as many companies provide a guarantee over their vape carts.
This step is important if you want to store a vape pen for an extended time. Always store it in an upright position, so the liquid stays in the same place. If you store the carts or pens upside down, the liquid will flow towards the elements, thus clogging the device.
Using a vape pen or an e-cigarette is fun until they start showing problems. An experienced person might have answers, but a newbie will panic if the vape pen is new. 
If you see less or no smoke coming out while inhaling, the chances are that the vape cart has problems. We covered all the possible solutions about vape carts not blowing smoke, along with solutions.
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