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Danish | 1974
Anders Herwald Ruhwald is a Danish Postwar & Contemporary artist who was born in 1974. Their work is currently being shown at Kasmin Gallery, New York (297 10th Av). Numerous key galleries and museums such as Nina Johnson have featured Anders Herwald Ruhwald’s work in the past.Anders Herwald Ruhwald’s work has been offered at auction multiple times.Anders Herwald Ruhwald has been featured in articles for ArtDaily, LA Weekly and WHITEWALL. The most recent article is Vibrant Art Enlivens a Home: Collectors Gary Metzner and Scott Johnson written for Chicago Gallery News in June 2021.

Artist’s alternative names: Anders Herwald Ruhwald
Visiting the home of an art collector has, for me, always been a very personal as well as in-person endeavor.
Chicago-based artist Anders Herwald Ruhwald (Danish, born 1974) makes his Indianapolis debut with two major exhibitions, Anders Ruhwald: Century Garden and Holes at Newfields.
Clay is having a moment, both as a cultural trend and as a field within the arts. More and more hobbyists are seeking out pottery as a creative and therapeutic activity.
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