The Nature of the Universe –

Wednesday, September 27, 2023. It rained. Although like all the rains passing these past five days, they were steady but varying in volume and sheer impact. So the water that came heavily would drift away over time before the next steady one. 
Last night I had dinner with a friend at Sette Mezzo.  And during that time, it seemed that the rain had stopped maybe for awhile or even a day or more. The restaurant was jammed. You can tell the clientele is looking to get out and be among others.
The thing about New York is mainly it’s a place of work, whatever that may be (and that means anything that produces money – which we all need, as you’ve noticed). The excitement of New York is The Work. And afterwards when you’ve got a spare moment and enough money in your pocket for some food and drink with others coming from their chosen (or accepted) professions. Rewarding themselves with the company of other New Yorkers.

The rain of a couple of days and heavy, can put the end to the pleasure. But four days with rain and no Sun, with its intervals rather than steady, after three days drove most of us back out into the world at hand and it was good to get out among the masses. 
The Day. The first thing I read every day after I’ve made my coffee is the New York Post. I read the opening page online which is a sort of review of the latest. The subjects are usually murders, rapes, shootings, stabbings, marriage deceits, beatings, bad children, bad husbands, bad wives, famous stars of TV, top dollar divorces and the accompanying dirt on the subjects; and whatever else there is to promote oneself.
And athletes (Sports section) who’ve been working hard to make their way. They’re the heroes in the copy. And of course the amazingly resilient Kardashians who turned the page on marketing with that infinite publicity, into billions of dollars. 
The thing I always wonder about these centi-millionaires and even billionaires who seemingly spend their days being photographed wearing tie bras, pants and whatever else, having their hair done, their faces done, their hips, eyes, lips, thighs done and then done again: doesn’t it get boring? 
It must be all that flopperal and folderol becomes like a day job, spending your time dressing up, down, all around, lipsticks, hair(s), asses and thighs, wide, high, and the tight black silk undies (barely), must get to be a drag! 
Of course most women I know and see out there are conventional in terms of dress and choice. Looking good, complete, and many with a great eye is a response to the Self. The girls in the Post however, usually look glamorous (or once was), sexy or more. And “what else?” That’s a big draw too.
It’s made the Kardashians very rich if you see pictures of their mansions. I can’t help thinking “what’s next” Because you also see The Mother who started it all, as if for a lark. It is now an influence and an industry, all created by Mother.
Before I finish my Post, there’s the rest of the dirt which is a nice way of putting it. I like it because again, it gives one a sense of the drama at this time in our civilization. 
You can ignore it, avoid it, run from it, but it’s There. It’s grim, and if it were presented in a more “articulated detail” it would be too boring (and disturbing) to even read. In the Post, however, there’s a strong element of being in a kind of amusement park. From there the editorial goes to the classic info: the theatre and film and TV and tits-and-ass; celebrity relationships and marriages and deaths and divorces.
One page of that will convince yourself that you’re lucky to be warm and safe in your home — — reading the Post.
It’s a very old New York newspaper started by Alexander Hamilton in 1801. Now in its third century of existence, it has taken on the Sturm un Drang of our times. It is political in an obvious heavyhanded way but it doesn’t matter because the over POV is legit; a reflection of the times.
We live in a world that came out of the imaginations of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell that created unlimited building, prosperity and more technical developments — all within a century that made the United States the leading country of progress in the world. And rich.
Obviously the greatest advances and expansions on the planet expanded everything with technology. New York City has been at the center of creating it and re-defining power in the world for almost two centuries. All of it came from an imagination dealing with need. That is the nature of the Universe and we are mere beings like all the other beings in this vast, endless place and space.


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