Alleged distributor of synthetic drugs falls – California18

Juarez City.- An alleged distributor of synthetic drugs was arrested by elements of the State Investigation Agency when they found him in possession of vapers containing THC, CBD and CBG.
The District Attorney for the Northern Zone reported in a statement that it arrested Erick Adrián EA, 18 years old, in flagrante delicto for possession of vaporizers that contain substances known as THC, CBD and CBG.
It points out that the arrest and seizure occurred on Teófilo Borunda boulevard and Paseo de la Victoria avenue in the Jardines del Lago subdivision, when investigators stopped the black Liberty line Jeep vehicle he was driving.
It is revealed that during the review, seven packages covered with colored transparent plastic containing vapers with the legend Fryd Extracts, with two grams of chemical each, were found in the vehicle.
They also located five transparent plastic wrappers containing a substance with colors and figures known as MDMA or Ecstasy, better known as tacha.
The detainee, the drug and the vehicle were made available to the agent of the Public Ministry of the Attorney General’s Office, an authority that will continue with the corresponding proceedings.


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