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Mass groups of people on websites like Reddit and Instagram are coming together in the name of THC cartridges.  THC carts have been sensationalized for both the positive and negative aspects of them.  On the positive end, these little devices are a discreet and convenient alternative for consuming weed.  They’re a little kinder to the lungs and easier to “light up” on the go.  Unfortunately, the negative aspects of THC Oil Cartridges take the cake.  Within the past couple of years, a flood of fake carts has vigorously entered the market, presenting shady practices and health threats along the way. You should always buy marley naturals product and genuine THC carts.
Now, industry experts and consumers alike are gathering online to expose fake carts and keep people safe.  Reddit users have organized a detailed fake carts list, all through extensive Reddit threads like r/fakecartridges and r/cleancarts.  Instagram users are also trying to fight counterfeit brands gaining momentum by slandering their fake accounts.  Counterfeit brands on social media are especially dangerous due to the fact that curious people can simply click on the link in their bio to purchase a vape cart that they think is the real deal.
Who wouldn’t think these THC cartridges are the real deal, though?  The branding is clean and hip, with colorful box designs, monochrome details, and occasionally, the use of cartoon characters.  These appealing designs are trending amongst the criminals distributing them, and most young people will look over the fact that the cartridge wasn’t sealed if it looks cool.  Fake carts can be manufactured in a variety of ways, but one thing to look out for is if it seems like the cartridge was messed with, or isn’t sealed by itself in the packaging.  This could mean that an illicit distributor took another brand’s packaging and filled it with mystery substances.
Obviously, the safest way to enjoy all the benefits and effects of tetrahydrocannabinol is to get some quality THC seeds and grow your own marijuana plant. This method doesn’t promise quick results, but you definitely won’t end up in the hospital with body intoxication. Especially when the situation with the sale of low-quality carts increases.
Buying THC oil cartridges from an unregulated seller should be avoided at all costs.  Police forces around the U.S. are finding an increase in criminal activity that involves transporting hundreds of THC carts to illegal sellers.  Like this traffic stop-turned-drug-bust in Princeton, Indiana.  The 480 vape carts found in that man’s car could have come from anywhere.  The black market presents too many question marks for a product that is going to be inhaled.  So remember, just because that random THC cartridge you got from your uncle’s friend looks legitimate doesn’t mean that the oil inside is.
What makes this all the more confusing is that fake THC carts exist under the names of legitimate brands, too.  Bootleg sellers will simply reuse packaging from licensed brands and fill the carts with synthetics and poisonous substitutes.  When buying THC carts, it’s essential always to be vigilant about the possibility of counterfeits, even if the brand on the label has a good reputation.  Here are some of the latest fake cartridges to cause confusion amongst consumers.

In the case of Choices Carts, the brand may seem regulated and licensed because they’ve set themselves up to be identical to legitimate brands.  In actuality, Choices Carts has no legal brand behind them with any identifiable licensing.  There’s no website or Instagram account to be found, only a surplus of their 0.5ml carts that are available on a multitude of unregulated websites.  Their branding checks all the boxes to make consumers think that they’re legitimate, including a QR code, although no viable information is there if you actually go about scanning it.  Choices Carts have even gone so far as to provide lab results to consumers, which many Reddit users agree is from a lab known to deliver fake testing.

It’s a shame when a good thing is ruined.  That’s the case with rapper Yung LB and the Cookies brand, who together created the Runtz strain.  This strain blew up in the cannabis world due to its unmistakable fruity taste and strong genetics, as it’s the perfect crossover between the Zkittles and Gelato strains.  Although Runtz was born in the name of legality, it soon became a commonly counterfeited product thanks to its magical reputation.  Everyone wanted to get their hands on some Runtz weed.  Unfortunately, the black market stepped in to fulfill that need with an abundance of counterfeit Runtz THC carts and fake weed bags.

Similar to Choices Carts, Glow Extract carts are a popular brand that has rounded up all the elements of an authentic brand besides the most important part: licensing.  Glo carts became widely popular fast, thanks to the sophisticated look of the packaging and carts.  According to some users of Glo cartridges, the vapes can actually provide a nice high.  But even if the original creators of Glo Extracts had good intentions and a good product, they remain a street brand.  And by keeping a brand unregulated, you’re putting your customers at risk of receiving counterfeits.  Glo cartridges are among the most counterfeited weed products in the U.S., with thousands often found on illicit transporters during drug busts.

KRT Yang carts add to the fake cart confusion with their shiny white and gold packaging.  KRT Yang also has no website to clarify the many questions to be had concerning their brand.  What they do have are hundreds of Instagram accounts, but good luck finding a valid one.  There’s no consistency in the KRT Yang online accounts, and there’s no one source to trace any factual information about them.  And unsurprisingly, KRT Yang doesn’t have any testing attached to their products, so no one knows what the contents of their vape juices are, and there’s no way to find out.

Muha Meds carts look to be a nice product, and maybe they are.  The Muha Meds producers claim that their THC carts don’t contain any PG/VG, pesticides, or additives.  But, as we’ve discussed, remaining a street brand puts your consumers at risk of receiving a counterfeit of your product.  Muha Meds has no licensing and no lab testing revealing the contents of their oil.  Not to mention their interestingly low prices, as their vape carts can be found as low as $15/per cartridge.
Raw Garden has gained massive popularity over the years for its high-quality cannabis products.  Unfortunately, Raw Garden carts present a less common situation, wherein their brand is completely legitimate and their products regulated—but since they are so heavily sought after, their products have been heavily counterfeited by the illicit drug trade.  When buying Raw Garden oil cartridges, be sure to purchase from an authorized seller to ensure you’re not paying Raw Garden prices for some fake weed.
The producers at Big Chief took advantage of the growing cannabis industry early on.  But their history has been rough, with rumors of disreputable practices and many people questioning their legitimacy.  For a while, Big Chief had no licensing or regulation.  As a result, Big Chief carts were one of the first THC carts to be counterfeited and sold on the market.  The brand has obtained solid licensing now, but their counterfeit problems are far from over.

Dabwoods vape carts are definitely a product you should steer clear of.  Recent news deemed a woman hospitalized with coma after purchasing a Dabwoods cart from a plug rather than her local dispensary.  Like all the other street brand offenders, Dabwoods has no website, licensing, or lab testing.  Not to mention, massive amounts of empty Dabwoods carts and packaging can be purchased online for illicit sellers to fill with whatever they’d like.
West Coast Cure is another completely legitimate brand whose name has been tarnished by fake THC carts.  The company has been in operation since 2010 and has increased in popularity, causing the black market to take interest.  West Coast Cure actually makes their vapes with pod attachments rather than carts, which are screwed in.  So if you ever get a WCC vape with a cartridge, there’s a good chance it’s a counterfeit.  Also, WCC only sells its products at in-person dispensaries, so if you see their products available for purchase online, steer clear.
These are just some of the most popular fakes and counterfeits to be aware of.  The U.S. market is flooded with fake cartridges, and the cannabis industry (as well as the police force) doesn’t have a way to halt it altogether.  
If you’re a THC oil cartridge consumer, it’s up to you to look out for your own health and use your own devices to confirm the authenticity of a THC cart.  Luckily, Leafipedia is your go-to guide for everything marijuana.  Including specific resources on how to spot fake or counterfeit vapes and several reviews of commonly counterfeited brands.  In this era of cannabis, having knowledge of fake carts and counterfeited brands is key to defending your health while vaping.
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